A Vegan Alternative

To traditional cream liqueurs

Vegan Society

Dairy free, lactose free, gluten free, soya free, nut free, cruelty free but not alcohol free!


An authentic combination of two great flavours of Spain, fine brandy from Jerez harmoniously blended with concentrated Tigernut 'milk' from Valencia. The result is a unique and exquisite drink that can be enjoyed at any time. Always serve cold.


Besos de Chocolaté is a blend of the original Besos de Oro liqueur with added chocolate! The fine brandy from Jerez added to the concentrated Tigernut 'milk' from Valencia is infused with chocolate to give the most warming, decadent flavour.


Our 'cream' liqueurs Besos de Oro & Besos de Chocolaté are made without the use of dairy cream, instead we use concentrated tigernut 'milk'. We then throw in some Spanish Brandy to give us a delicious, creamy vegan liqueur. With a huge following in the vegan & free from world as well as mass market appeal, our drinks would be a great addition to any store.