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The word Besos is Spanish for “Kisses” and is contained within the brand name of our original product, a new liqueur called Besos De Oro – Golden Kisses.

Founder and CEO, Peter Smith created the drink whilst living in Spain by blending two of the country’s most popular flavours – top quality brandy from Jerez and the ubiquitous Horchata from Valencia. After much experimentation and great effort, the result was a smooth, rich tasting liqueur which rivals (many would say it exceeds) Bailey’s Irish Cream for taste and quality.

Spanish influence

Our 2 main products, Besos de Oro liqueur and our Tigernut Drink are based around the tigernut, grown in Spain predominately in the Valencia region. The other main ingredient in Besos de Oro is our wonderful Spanish brandy, from Jerez in the south.

What Our Customers Say

  • Besos means Christmas to me. I feel truly festive when I open the bottle in December. Delicious throughout the year though

    Becky Sheffield
  • This drink is amazing and so delicious. I’ve tried it alone, on the rocks, in coffee, and poured over vegan ice cream; it works so well for everything. Just ordering another bottle!

    Catherine Ross
  • thank you for the continuous fab service for all our celebrations!! Perfect vegan gift and indulgence for Xmas, birthdays & valentines! Though should order 2 bottles as it’s so lovely, you’ll drink it quicker than you planned!!

    Shelly Hibberd